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Yonder Willow Wellness

Hey!  Welcome to my “About” page.  I started off in wellness as a Massage Therapist.  As you can probably tell if you have read a few of my posts, I am also an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant.

After I graduated from massage school I read Kevin Trudeau’s book, Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.  Somewhere in there he recommended sleeping on magnets, so I asked another massage therapist friend about magnets and he introduced me to Nikken.  I liked what I saw, became a distributor and started using the products.  They just make sense for keeping my family and my clients healthy and well.  If you are interested in taking a look at a way to make some extra money in wellness then I encourage you to take a look at Nikken.

I am also very interested in personal growth, you could say wellness for the mind.  I have watched The Secret many times and have read the books and used the programs written by many of the teachers from the movie: Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, James Ray, Loral Langemeier, Bill Harris, Mike Dooley and Esther Hicks – Abraham. You can read about all of that at my personal development / Law of Attraction blog.

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