Far-Infrared Blanket Benefits

Nikken Far-Infrared ComforterI have been sleeping under a far-infrared blanket for five years now and I sleep great. Actually, my whole family has and the biggest benefit that we have noticed so far is that the far-infrared blankets help to regulate body temperature.

I did a quick search on the internet to see what other benefits people claim for far-infrared energy, and this is what I found.

  • far-infrared waves attract calcium ions to the cell membrane
  • promote osmosis of water to the cell membrane
  • stimulate enzyme activity
  • reduce soreness
  • improve lymph flow
  • remove toxins
  • reduce muscle spasms
  • increase blood flow

These are some pretty amazing benefits. If all it did was improve lymph flow then that would make far-infrared blankets worth their weight in gold. The lymph system is the body’s sewer system. The trash, waste products and used up white blood cells, is collected and carried through the various nodes and finally eliminated from the body. Improving lymph flow will reduce your chances of getting sick,and if you did get sick, it would reduce the length of your illness.

Nikken sells the far-infrared blankets that my family uses. I cannot say that you will get all of those benefits from using a Nikken comforter because that would be making a medical claim and I am not a doctor, and Nikken’s infrared blankets are not medical devices. All the same, my family has used them for 5 years and you cannot part us from them.

You can see Nikken’s far-infrared blankets here.

Wayne Woodworth

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    It’s a really great product, and i like your article.
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