I Finally Decided to Buy A MagDuo

First there was the Magboy, then there was the MagDuo. Why did I decide to order a MagDuo when I have two Magboys?I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile, so I finally ordered a MagDuo from Nikken and it arrived yesterday.

What is a MagDuo?

The first thing you are probably wondering about is “what the heck is a MagDuo?” Simply put, it is two magnetic balls mounted in a case so that it works like a small magnetic roller. It works great to give yourself a quick magnetic self-massage wherever and whenever you need it.

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What Does “Loading” Mean in Nutrition and Medicine?

What Is LoadingWhen Nikken introduced Bergisterol a handful of years ago they recommended (and still do) that you take twice the daily amount for the first month you take it then drop back to the regular daily amount. This is called “loading”.

Loading is a common practice with medications, and since I don’t have much experience with medicine I had never heard the term before.

What is “Loading” About?

When a doctor prescribes a medication for a particular purpose they want you to maintain a certain concentration of the active ingredients in your system. This can also apply to nutritional supplements. When you eat or drink an amount of food, water, medicine or whatever, a percentage of that will be eliminated from your body through the course of the day.

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Standing Has Cardiovascular Benefits

Studies show standing has cardiovascular benefitsEverybody knows that it is important to get up and move every now and then. An excessively sedentary lifestyle can have a variety of health risks. Yet that is exactly what a lot of people spend most of their lives doing. When we are young we sit at desks all day at school then go home and sit at the table while we do our homework. When we become adults we get a job that still has us sitting at a desk all day. Our bodies are built for moving, not for sitting.

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My Sugar Cravings Are Gone

Nikken Meal Replacement Protein Shake MixA friend was nagging me a while back to try the meal replacement shake mix from the company that he works with. He was incredibly persistent so I finally decided to at least do some research to see if it was all he said it was. The other company heavily promotes their shake as containing leucine, an amino acid that promotes development of muscle mass and prevents loss of muscle mass when dieting. In my research I found that pea protein, which is the first ingredient in the Nikken protein shake, is a much better source of leucine than the soy protein that the other shake used, so I decided to try the Nikken shake instead.

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My Favorite Nikken Product

Favorite Nikken ProductI wrote in my previous post about how I was thinking about what my favorite Nikken product was. I went through all of the magnets and the nutritional supplements, all exceptional items, before I finally landed on the one item from Nikken that I absolutely cannot live without. Since I was thinking about them I went ahead and told you about all of the Nikken magnets I use and put off until today to tell you about my favorite of all the Nikken products. BTW, I forgot one of the magnetic items that I use all the time, the Kenkoseat chair pad. It has been in the car so long that I don’t even notice it anymore. Take it out and I’m sure will though.

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What Is The Best of the Nikken Magnets?

I was thinking last night about what my favorite Nikken product was. I think I overheard someone talking about that old stranded on a desert island and if you could only take one thing with you, what would it be? I finally figured out what my one item would be, and it took a while to think of it because I use it all the time without really thinking about it. I’ll tell you what it is in another post, probably tomorrow. Today I want to talk about the things I thought of first, the most obvious, the Nikken magnets.

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How to Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass

A big challenge with a lot of weight-loss diets is that you end up losing muscle mass along with the fat, so while you do lose weight you don’t really look or feel that much better. A lot of protein  shakes have come along to attempt to address that.

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The Biggest Challenges to Drinking Water

Clean Alkaline Water Is Good For YouYou know how important it is to drink water if you want to stay healthy. You also know what qualifies as good water – that is alkaline water free of pollutants. But most people still don’t drink enough water, if they drink any at all. Why?

The Challenges to Drinking Healthy

We have been programmed to believe that we are too busy to take proper care of ourselves. We have to rush here and there throughout the day and at night we are too tired to take the time. We have also been taught to want instant gratification over long-term benefits. So when we are hungry or thirsty, we just go for what is most convenient.

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How Light Affects Sleep

How Light Affects SleepIt is important to get enough sleep every night so that we can stay healthy and function properly during the day. Everyone should be able to wake up in the morning feeling well rested and ready for the new day.

Too many people don’t, and there are a variety of reasons. I’m going to talk about one that many people probably don’t know much about. How light affects sleep.

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Hydration and Airport Liquid Restrictions

Airport Liquid RestrictionsStaying hydrated is important to me, so I make sure that my drinking water is clean and alkaline by filtering it at home and then I take it with me in a good water bottle if I’m not going to be home. The airport liquid restrictions make it so that I cannot do that if I travel by plane. When you get to airport security, liquids have to be gone. You can’t cram enough 3-ounce bottles of water into a 1-quart zip-top bag to last very long.

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