Magnetic Insoles for Shoes Make for Happy Feet

Magnetic insoles for shoes take care of your feet throughout the days so that they don't feel so tired and sore at the end of the day.Magnetic insoles for shoes are probably the most obvious and well known of Nikken’s magnetic products. They were the first item that Nikken released when they were founded back in the mid 1970’s in Japan. The magnetic insoles have been around for a long time and they have been improved a few times over the years. They still represent the core of what Nikken does.

Until recently, the Magsteps were the most popular magnetic insoles for shoes. They had large bumps on one surface and were smooth on the other. Nikken has phased them and the Magstrides (a thicker pair of magnetic insoles with a little bit of cushion) out over the past few years and is replacing them with the mSteps and mStrides. The new magnetic insoles have more powerful magnetic nodes and mostly insignificant bumps. They are more of a texture now.

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Foods That Reduce Inflammation

Foods can either cause inflammation or reduce inflammation. What foods will help you stay healthy by reducing inflammation?I have been writing lately about how real food supports your body much better than artificial chemicals cooked up in a lab. Real food detoxifies your liver and gives it the ingredients to make enzymes for digestion. Real food gives your heart the minerals to maintain its electrical system and can reduce inflammation in your body to make it easier to pump your blood.

I want to expand on that last point, inflammation, today.

So much of what goes on in your body today has to do with too much inflammation. What is inflammation? What causes it, especially what foods cause inflammation? And what are the foods that reduce inflammation?

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What Are Heart Healthy Foods?

There are many foods that support the heart, either directly by offering vitamins and minerals, or indirectly by making it easier for your heart to do its job.Your heart is a muscular pump that collects your blood then pumps it through out your body. One side pumps it through your lungs to oxygenate it then the other side pumps the oxygenated blood everywhere else.

Last time I talked about the foods that support your liver, and that one of the primary functions of your liver is to filter toxins out of your blood. Your heart makes sure that your blood gets there to be cleaned.

This time I am going to share with you some answers to the question, “what are heart healthy foods?”

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Foods That Support the Liver

The artichoke is one of many foods that provides many benefits for your liver healthRecently I’ve been writing about what you believe as far as your health and making the best, most natural choices to support your health. One of the best choices is to get as much of your nutrition as you can from real food.

When people talk about nutrition they usually talk about vitamins and minerals. You need to get your vitamin C and you don’t want to become deficient in iron. That’s fine up to a point, but rarely do any of those nutrients work alone in your body.

To really stay healthy, it’s better to look at the larger nutritional needs of your organs and organ systems.

One part of your body that you really need to take care of to stay healthy is your liver. It is one of the hardest working and most abused organs in your entire body.

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Are Magnets Good for Your Health?

Are magnets good for your health? I believe so. Read to learn more.I have written the past two weeks about belief, either belief in a product or, the better choice, belief in yourself. Your belief matters, and whatever you believe in the most is what you should use to support your health.

While I do think that you should believe in your self the most, and that your dependence on products will decrease when you do, I said in those previous posts that I will still use magnets for their energetic benefits. I believe very strongly in using magnets, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

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What You Believe Matters

What you believe matters.Last week I wrote about how you use health products because you believe that you have to, because you put more belief into things external to you. I said that once you change your beliefs about what you need, when you believe more in your innate ability to be healthy, you can stop needing those things.

I want to talk some more about that because I wasn’t at all clear about it.

One thing I want to make clear first. As Donna Merrill said in her comment on my previous post, you should believe in the products that you use. What you believe matters. Your belief in the products you use increases their ability to help you. I’m not saying that you should stop believing in them. I am saying that you should believe in yourself more.

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The Truth About Health Products

Do you know the truth about your health products? Do you really need them?What is the truth about health products? Most of them are crutches, and that includes most of the Nikken products that I like too. That is because your state of health comes mostly from your beliefs about your health.

Dr. Bruce Lipton says that one third of all healing is through the placebo effect. That means that at least one third of your healing comes purely from your belief in your healing.

I believe the opposite is true as well, that at least a third of your illness comes purely from your belief in illness. That is the only reason that can explain why some companies bombard you with advertisements for products that you cannot buy without getting permission from someone else first. They bombard you with these messages to create the seed of a belief that you might have the issue they are promoting.

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How to Filter Water When Backpacking

You need to be able to get clean water when you are backpacking. There are many ways to do it. What is best?I have always liked hiking and backpacking. Several years ago my father and I started hiking the Appalachian Trail. We weren’t of the very ambitious kind that set out to through-hike the whole trail in one trip, although taking off for five or six months does sound appealing every now and then.

We only hiked for a week at a time. The logistics are easier when hiking for only a week. We didn’t have to figure out how to get showers, do laundry, and resupply food and gear. Through-hikers have to do all of that because you can’t carry six months of supplies on your back.

One thing that is the same for both is how to filter water when backpacking. If you are going to be gone for more than a day then you are going to have to find water along the trail.

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How to Maintain Your Water Filter

It is important to maintain your water filter so that you drink the best water possible.Water is one of the most important substances that you need to survive, so you make sure that you drink enough every day. You also know that, since it is so important, you have to have a good water filter. Hopefully you also know that for your water filter to remain a good water filter, you have to replace the filter components regularly.

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If you Want to Live, You Have to Keep Moving

To stay healthy you need to keep moving. There are many benefits to standing and walking.I know someone who is having a lot of health problems right now. She’s overweight, she has a pacemaker, she was put on oxygen a few weeks ago, and she was just in the hospital for congestive heart failure.

Her doctors told her years ago that she needed to get outside and take at least a short walk every day. That would have been so easy for her because she only lives four of five houses away from her son and daughter-in-law. She could have easily walked down and paid them a visit in the evening after they got home from work, but she wouldn’t do it. Now it’s too late.

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Are Protein Bars Good for You?

Are your protein bars really good for you, or are they filled with junk ingredients?I read a blog post recently that listed a handful of food products that we generally believe are good for us, but many times are actually bad. Protein bars was one of them, so I decided to compare three of them.

The first bar is the Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bar. It is readily available. I usually buy the Mega Pack with 15 bars at Walmart.

The second bar is the Dark Chocolate Walnut Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar from Clif Bar & Company.

The third bar is the new Chocolate Nut Kenzen Paleo Bar from Nikken. It is only available through an independent Nikken distributor.

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