What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Matcha green tea is the tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony and literally means “powdered tea”.

The difference between matcha green tea and other green teas is that you consume the matcha tea leaves with the drink instead of just the water like with other teas. Because you consume [...] Continue Reading…

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Jade GreenZymes – I Use the Products Part 8

I can’t get through the Spring pollen season without my Jade GreenZymes.

Anytime you buy a product from someone you always wonder if they actually use the product themselves. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I do use the products myself. I decided to write this series of posts to talk [...] Continue Reading…

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How Does a Nikken Magnet Interact With the Body

I received a question recently on the Kenko PowerMini magnets:
Magnets? How does the magnet interact with the body? (Skin penetration, etc)
He sounded rather skeptical, so kept my response very high level and started with how magnets are used in medicine.

Nikken magnets have an effect on the body just by placing [...] Continue Reading…

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What Can Help With Your Low Back Pain?

A customer asked me yesterday if Nikken had anything that could help with her low back pain. She had injured her back and had a herniated disc.

I always have to start of my reply to any question like that with a disclaimer. I’m not a doctor and Nikken’s products are [...] Continue Reading…

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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

According to the IBWA website, the bottled water industry sold 6 billion gallons of water in 2002 and sold 9.1 billion gallons of water in 2011. I saw on the CRI website that sales of bottled water in 2002 was 14.7 billion bottles and in 2010 was 42.6 billion bottles. [...] Continue Reading…

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Have Magnets? Just Add Water

I am a big believer in using magnets to help the body, otherwise I wouldn’t use them myself or on my kids. I sleep on a magnetic mattress topper, I wear a magnetic bracelet and necklace and I have magnetic insoles in my shoes. If something hurts, like a [...] Continue Reading…

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You Need More Water When It’s Hot

I just looked at our 10-day weather forecast and we have nine straight days hotter than 90  degrees, several of them at 95 degrees or more. These will probably be the hottest days of the summer for us.

In my last post I wrote about how much water we should drink every [...] Continue Reading…

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How Much Water Do I Need?

I think pretty much everyone knows that you need to drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated, so the question now is how much?

I used to hear that we should drink 8 glasses of water every day. If a “glass” is 8 ounces, then that would be [...] Continue Reading…

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Clean Alkaline Water is Good For You and Tastes Even Better

I was reminded just yesterday about how good clean alkaline water tastes. I was meeting with some business partners yesterday and they asked for some water to take with them when they left because they know how important good water is. It was amazing to hear their comments about [...] Continue Reading…

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I Love the New PowerSleep Mask

Nikken introduced a new sleep mask in August to replace the one that was discontinued back in the Spring. The new mask is called the Kenko PowerSleep Mask.

I’ve had mine for about a week now, so I’m ready to compare it to the old one. Actually, there isn’t much [...] Continue Reading…

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